Stefon Diggs responded to Bills reporter’s hurtful comments: ‘Please remember I’m a human just like you’

Buffalo Bills team reporter Maddy Glab probably didn’t know the inadvertent firestorm she created after a viral video circulated around Twitter Thursday. The clip features Glab seemingly ripping Stefon Diggs’ personality on a hot mic. Glab would later apologize, clarifying that her comments were supposed to be more of a joke with a player she knew very well.

But the damage was done. And Diggs was not happy about someone accidentally feeding a narrative that he’s “difficult” — one that he’s been fighting his entire NFL career. The star receiver took to Twitter with a pointed response about the “hurtful” audio while reminding folks he’s a human being before they even start to joke about his demeanor.

It did not seem like Diggs was referring to his unfortunate incident alone:

The audio shared was very hurtful. And was insulting to my character and to how I was raised. I’ve always treated people how I want to be treated. I greet everyone with smiles and respect. From the people in our cafe to the people that keep our building in clean & in order.

— DIGGS (@stefondiggs) September 14, 2023

The media or fans may confuse my competitiveness that they witness on the field as who I am as a person. But off the field Id never treat anyone how she described & have never said anything remotely close to that to her.

— DIGGS (@stefondiggs) September 14, 2023

Idk why it was said, but this is an example of why people don’t want to deal with the media. It’s hard to fight the preconceived notions people have about you. Regardless of ever having a personal experience with them.

— DIGGS (@stefondiggs) September 14, 2023

We get you all have a job. And I respect it, but please remember I’m a human just like you. And if I ever made you or anyone else feel like you can’t approach me. I apologize ❤️

— DIGGS (@stefondiggs) September 14, 2023

Honestly, I can see both perspectives here.

Glab made a mistake and showed appropriate remorse, but I can’t fault Diggs for taking exception. If it wasn’t this reporter, it might have been someone else down the line. We might know Diggs for catching touchdowns every Sunday, but he’s still a person first. He still deserves the same common decency we all do — especially when telling his story.

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