TCL showcases 65-inch foldable inkjet printed OLED screen with 8K resolution

65-inch inkjet printed OLED screen unfolding (Image Source: Charbax on YouTube)
65-inch inkjet printed OLED screen unfolding (Image Source: Charbax on YouTube)

TCL integrates the latest inkjet printed OLED advancements in a foldable package that also acts as a multimedia table. The OLED screen comes with 8K resolution and is rated for at least 100,000 folds.

TInkjet printed OLED displays have been a thing for some years now, even though consumer TVs from big brands like LG and Samsung do not yet use this type of OLED panel because it is not available in larger sizes. However, TCL managed to combine the inkjet printing OLED technique with larger flexible displays to produce a foldable 65-inch screen with 8K resolution that doubles as a multimedia table. TCL is showcasing a prototype for this foldable OLED screen at the Display Week 2023 in Los Angeles.

The spec sheet for the foldable OLED mentions that TCL employed PPE printers from Japan to produce the 65-inch foldable OLED. This is also the world’s first 120 Hz inkjet printed flexible OLED. The bending radius is small for this size, with only R25 mm and the screen is guaranteed to sustain at least 100,000 folds. From the footage found on YouTube, the folding crease in the middle of the screen does not seem to be visible from a few feet away, although content running mostly shows a black background that usually does not evidentiate creases.

Hopefully, TCL could improve the brightness for this size, as it is currently capped at 800 nit on 10% windows and 150 nit full field. The new OLED TVs from LG and Samsung can do 200+ nit full field and 1400+ nit on small window sizes. DCI-P3 color gamut for the TCL’s foldable is in line with the latest OLED models at 99%.

TCL says that there are no plans to release a commercial version for this type of display as of yet.

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