Tesla Cybertruck spotted with spacious, refined bed, slanted roof rack, and sizeable frunk alongside seemingly cramped interior

A previous Cybertruck sighting (left) indicated a much narrower bed design than more recent images (right) indicate. (Image source: The Autopian)
A previous Cybertruck sighting (left) indicated a much narrower bed design than more recent images (right) indicate. (Image source: The Autopian)

The Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted in Mexico during a photo shoot, with spy shots revealing a spacious frunk, comfortably seating a grown human man, and a much-improved bed design sans aggressively-slanted sides.

The Tesla Cybertruck has been popping up all over the internet recently, although few sightings have given us a proper look at what the bed design would be. Although a sighting a few weeks ago did reveal a very claustrophobic looking bed with heavily-slanted walls, a more recent sighting in Baja California, Mexico, has quelled concerns about storage and hauling capabilities.

The sighting in question, shared by The Autopian, appears to be during a post-off-roading photo shoot, and it reveals a surprising amount of details about what should be the Cybertruck’s final design. Most notably, the bed of the Cybertruck units in question appear to be far more spacious than the one previously seen in a similar sighting.

While the walls are still not quite as vertical as they are in Tesla’s official marketing renders for the Cybertruck, they are certainly less intrusive than the slanted walls we saw previously. Additionally, the design and depth of the Cybertruck’s frunk seems uniquely-suited as a picnic bench given the entire human being seated comfortable sitting upright in it with room to spare.

A neat tie-down rail system mounted to the walls of the bed also makes an appearance, as does a slanted roof rack mounted to the rear portion of the roof. The tie-down system with its notched rails and plentiful tie-points looks rather useful for anyone looking to haul loads, while the angle of the roof rack may result in heavy aerodynamic — and range — penalties if used with large, flat objects.

Not all is positive, though, and the thick door cards and high rear window sills may be indicative of a cramped interior. Although it’s possible that the panoramic sunroof could compensate for it, the combination of thick door cards, small windows, no rear window, and a high window sill could make the interior feel cramped regardless of its actual dimensions.

The Autopian has many more images of the Cybertruck in this particular photo op to be perused.

The Cybertruck’s design process is discussed in the biographical book Elon Musk by Walter Isaacson, available on Amazon, and kids can enjoy a 1:64 scale radio-controlled Hot Wheels Cybertruck racing car, also available on Amazon.

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