Three arrested during pro-Hamas demonstration in London

Three arrested during pro-Hamas demonstration in London

On Monday night, socialist and communist organizers joined hundreds of Palestinian nationalists and Islamists as they descended upon the Israeli embassy on Kensington High Street in London to declare their support for Iranian-backed Palestinian terrorist organization,Hamas.

Metropolitan Police had a large presence at the demonstration, and by the end of the night, three people were arrested for a range of crimes.

In a statementthe Met revealed that a 15-year-old male was arrested shortly before 8 p.m. near the High Street Kensington Underground Station “on suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker.” Not long after, a 70-year-old male was taken into custody “on suspicion of a racially motivated criminal damage.” The last arrestee, a 29-year-old male, was apprehended at 9 p.m. on “suspicion of causing actual bodily harm and possession of an offensive weapon.”

The agency explained that “a number of individuals were observed engaging in criminal damage of a building,” and that it had “gathered evidence and active inquiries are underway to identity, locate and arrest those suspected of being involved.”

“Londoners will continue to see officers on the streets, in our communities across London in the days to come following days to reassure and protect,” the statement concluded. “We have zero tolerance for any hate crimes.”

In footage taken by Human Events’ Andy Ngo, demonstrators can be heard chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” a well-known line many have taken to be a call for the killing of Jews in Israel.

At one point, a man with a bullhorn began reciting the Islamic call to prayer.


Throughout the night, demonstrators celebrated Hamas’ actions, with some lighting fireworks.

According to the Met, the event’s organizers had contacted the police beforehand to inform them of their plan, and in turn, authorities had vowed to allow them to speak.

“UK policing has an obligation to uphold the right to protest,” the agency explained. “However we are clear that where any activity crosses into criminality we will, and have, taken action.”

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