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Robert L. Milne Robert talked about his experiences as a psychic and his predictions for the year 2023. Robert Lindsey Milne is a life coach, teacher, healer, and psychic-intuitive counselor. He is regarded as one of the most perceptive Psychic Intuitive Counselors of his era across the continent. He discovered his psychic abilities at a very young age and got his first employment as a psychic intuitive performing reading at the "Cozy Tea Room" in Toronto. Tens of thousands of individuals have benefited from Robert's Psychic Intuitive Sessions as he has traveled the globe, and he is now known throughout North America as "One of the most insightful Counselors of his time." Robert has also assisted in intelligence gathering and casework for missing persons with the police and the Canadian Secret Service. Additionally, he is a celebrated baker!


DATE: Jan 01, 2023

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: Robert Lindsey Milne

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