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William Shaffer is an Akashic reader and dream consultant. He is able to tune into your Higher Selves and provide past life readings. William has given past life readings to well over a thousand people and co-authored the book 'Illuminating Physical Experience'.

In Beloved Brother, Mr. Shaffer writes of his experience as a monk in seventh-century central Scotland and his short-lived but highly intense relationship with an Italian knight from Venice who shows up at the monastery in time to save the monk’s life, but in doing so is almost fatally wounded. The monk is then assigned to nurse the knight back to health. The novel chronicles the extraordinary emotional, physical and spiritual relationship between the two men, exploring the karmic lessons that magnetized them together but tore them apart. All their drama and pain provide them with what needs to be learned, healed, and transformed in order for them to continue their spiritual progress into their future incarnations.


DATE: Apr 11, 2020

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: William Shaffer

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