Carol Pate was born with psychic abilities. By the age of 12, she was working with law enforcement agencies in helping them solve cases of embezzlement, homicide, and missing persons. She is now a licensed minister, a teacher, and a practicing psychic counselor.

Ms. Pate was chosen in 1991 as the top female psychic in the United States by Unicorn World Coordination and Tokyo Broadcast System in Japan. She has been featured in three international television documentaries and has worked with all facets of the media at local, state, and national levels, as well as internationally. She has appeared as a guest expert on “The Geraldo Rivera Show” and has also appeared on “The Other Side”, “Sightings”, “Unsolved Mysteries” and “Beyond Chance”. Most recently, she appeared on “MSNBC Abrahams Report”, “Psychic Detectives” and “Larry King Live”.

Through the University of Arkansas’ continuing education program, Ms. Pate taught her “ESP and the Paranormal” course for five years. She continues to conduct private workshops and seminars on a regularly scheduled basis. As time permits, she is available for speaking engagements at schools, colleges, churches, and civic organizations.

Her private practice includes working with the public on multiple levels. She has given thousands of personal readings utilizing her psychometric talent and other psychic abilities to offer counsel and advice in all areas of personal concern. She has also worked on thousands of missing persons and murder cases with great success.


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