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Wieteke started having contact with extra-dimensional beings at an early age (3). An amazing journey finally brought her into conscious contact with a personal guide from the Yahyel, who uses the name ARJUN. Since then they’ve been working together. Through Wieteke, Arjun (5th-dimensional being) functions as a gateway to information from the Universe, parallel lives, the Higher Selves of clients, and information coming from the ET-healing team assisting (when requested) in private sessions.

Wieteke works in Amsterdam as a life coach/artist and energy worker from a practice called Design4awareness. The ET-channelling – or Cosmic Healing Connection as she calls it, is a powerful permission slip for personal and holistic re-alignment; physically, emotionally, and mentally. Our loving and highly developed star sisters and -brothers inspire us to develop ourselves along the same roads of peace and harmony as they have done. More and more facilitators (star-seeds) who feel they can facilitate an Interstellar connection (through a loving and well-integrated journey of awareness into their own multidimensionality) are stepping forward now, to share the wonderful gifts of inner wisdom, self-empowerment, and re-alignment, that our Cosmic family members have to offer, with anyone interested.


DATE: Jan 27, 2017

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: Wieteke Koolhof

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