By mastering your relationship with yourself once you have done it, all else will follow with ease.

Chris Nelson outlines 3-core principles, which, once incorporated into our daily lives with the use of simple tools, can bring about long-lasting change.

Calm your mind Take charge of your well-being Pursue your dreams

The tools are rooted in the ancient wisdom of centuries-old Eastern teachings, but updated for use in our frantic 20th-century lives. Chris presents a 'practice' that helps you to move from your normal fear-based state of mind to your more natural loving quality of mind. In this state of mind, you can operate in the 'flow'.

At the heart of the practice is the SOAR tool, an instant technique to help guide you back to your natural state of mind.

S Slow down

O Observe Inwardly

A Accept all

R Relax deeply

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