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Meet the Hybrids explores the lived experience of eight individuals who understand that they are part-human and part-extraterrestrial. Guided by their star families and other entities, they are dedicated to personal missions which contribute to a larger process involving the flourishing of human consciousness, and the protection and evolution of life on Earth at this critical time. Based on over 100 hours of interviews and conversations, this book gives each of them their own voice. They share their personal journeys of discovery, their abilities, and the joys and challenges of living a dual existence. They invite the reader to radically expand their understanding of reality itself and pursue their own evolution. The hybrids bring us one giant leap closer to the ETs themselves and offer answers to some of humanity’s biggest questions.

Miguel Mendonça is an Anglo-Azorean writer based in Bristol, England. After gaining an honors degree in geography and history he studied social science and environmental ethics at the postgraduate level. He then worked in the sustainability field, becoming an authority on renewable energy policy. While serving as Research Manager for an international NGO he wrote textbooks, book chapters, articles, papers, and studies, providing an evidence base for campaigners around the world to push for better renewable energy laws in their jurisdictions. He lectured internationally and worked with campaigners from NGOs, politics, finance, industry, and civil society. Miguel now writes fiction and non-fiction on politics, relationships, spirituality, consciousness, and ufology.

Barbara Lamb is a licensed psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, and regression therapist in Southern California. She has counseled and regressed over 1700 people to 2600 extraterrestrial encounters. She is a leading expert and presenter in this field. She has done extensive research into the ET-human hybrid phenomenon and has given presentations on this subject at major conferences including IUFOC. She personally knows and interviews a dozen people living among us who have enough ET DNA, heritage, and continuing contact with the beings who created them, to be considered ET-human hybrids. Barbara has co-authored two previous books: Crop Circles Revealed and Alien Experiences.


DATE: Nov 26, 2015

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: Miguel Mendonça and Barbara Lamb 

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