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In this eagerly awaited sequel to her successful book, Things You Can Do When You're Dead, foremost psychical investigator Tricia Robertson digs deeper into her extensive casebook to discuss a wide range of physical and mental phenomena which provide evidence for survival after death. Yet again this book is written with a no-nonsense approach to phenomena and in a knowledgeable, enjoyable, easily understood style. Book one really fired up people's appetite for more about paranormal phenomena in general and survival in particular. More Things You Can Do When You Dead examine more cases of genuine poltergeist activity, apparitions, mediumship, paranormal healing, and reincarnation, but also digs a bit deeper into direct voice mediumship, drop-in communicators, psychic art, near-death experiences, materialized spirit figures, earthbound spirits, automatic writing, inspiration, obsession, possession, genius and informed discussion on what an afterlife may be like. Tricia also discusses science and psi and resistance, in general, to the acceptance of the reality of such clearly demonstrable events. This book contains a great deal of original material, humourous at times, which is not available anywhere else. You may love it, you may hate it, but once again you will certainly not be bored.


DATE: Apr 23, 2016

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: Tricia Robertson

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