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A seer and channeler, Bobbie has been visited and taken to other dimensional realities. Her drive has taken her deep down the rabbit hole to discover what humanity can become after many messages have been given to her. One of the most notable events Bobbie has had in this reality, is meeting a Cherokee Elder named Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha from Ohio who took her hand in 2006 and talked to her telepathically for over an hour, this directed her attention into asking - 'What are humanities potential?' Her story has not only healed her own issues as she challenged herself to look at herself honestly, but she also now has the wisdom handed to her by other dimensional beings to help others ready to step out of the matrix and into their own potential reality. We are here to help humanity wake up to its potential and invite you to join us and many more on Earth to co-create something wonderful together.


DATE: May 20, 2023

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: Bobbie Richardson 

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