Sunrises and Sunsets is more than a book: it is a comprehensive, delightful, user-friendly life-long planning guide, a workbook, and a beautiful way to leave a written legacy for those left behind after your Final Sunset! Through an enjoyable step-by-step process, you will not only get your affairs in order, but you will also remove unnecessary burdens from those you love... and have FUN in the process! This is truly a wonderful gift for people of all ages―for YOU and for those you LOVE!

Advance-Care Planning

Plan your OWN FUNeral!

Complete your Advance Directives

Write your OWN obituary!

Complete your Last Will and Testament

Record all personal and business matters pertaining to YOU!

Personal Issues Covered:

Explore YOUR thoughts on your existing state of living! Consider and contemplate YOUR thoughts as they relate to death. Create a Bucket List AND a “KICK” bucket list! Share personal and heartfelt details about YOUR life! Write letters to loved ones! Create a family tree, share family medical history, give life advice, and share YOUR journey! And much more! "Holley Kelley provides clear, logical guidelines for getting one's affairs in order while there is still time. Her lively writing style, wit, verve, and generosity of spirit make the process a surprising adventure." ~ Dr. Nan Morrison, Emeritus Professor of English, College of Charleston

“Through her narrative discussions, checklists, and practical approach, Holley Kelley helps us navigate end-of-life issues in a way that simply works! Sunrises and Sunsets help define and plan our final journey in a gentle and entertaining format. She is both an instructive and valued guide for anyone who wishes to get their affairs in order!” ~ Gary Gartner, CEO of SpaceFlight Memorial Systems

"For many of us, planning our own death is never easy and often avoided; but in a delightful and engaging way, Holley Kelley shows how planning for death enables us to live more fully. Her fresh perspective has produced a one-of-a-kind book that provides plenty of practical advice while also encouraging us to document our legacy and ensure our desires are heard and fulfilled. I will advise all of my clients and friends to get a copy of this book and use it throughout the years. You, and the people you love, will be glad you did!" ~ Linda Sumner Weinberg Attorney

(Holley Kelley)

About the Author

Holley Kelley has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and a Master’s in Gerontology. She is also a Credentialed Professional Gerontologist and hosts workshops on latter-life issues and advance-care planning, writing and officiating funerals, and providing end-of-life consulting. Though much of her work is about life’s inevitable destiny, her focus is always on living your best life NOW! Holley lives with her family in northern Alabama. She has been a lifelong equestrian; and when she has leisure time, she enjoys trail riding and exploring the beautiful area terrain on horseback.

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