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We are all looking for fulfillment and peace amidst a rapidly changing and chaotic world. Radical Awakening is an invitation to dive more deeply into the mystery of existence as it is now, to be fully and unashamedly intimate with this very moment. The choice to embrace every moment offers you the opportunity to awaken from the dream of separation and realize that you are one with the divine essence that gives birth to all forms. When we see through the eyes of oneness, all inner and outer division dissolves, and our relationship with life changes. We start to see that everyone and everything is a manifestation of the radiance of God (or Awakeness, Presence, or Being). This realization has the potential to put an end to suffering, for each of us as individuals and for humanity as a whole. Written in an engaging and accessible style that sparkles with clarity and grace, the use of the word? God? in this context is explained, and the book reflects the important changes in the author's teaching in recent years as her own awakening has evolved. Practical as well as inspiring, this is a unique and compelling introduction to the world of nonduality, non-separation, and our intrinsic oneness, which will support you on your path to inner joy and freedom.


DATE: May 12, 2016

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: Amoda Maa Jeevan 

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