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Hi there, I’m Suzanna Axisa, and I work with highly creative entrepreneurs and individuals, who struggle to balance their creative priorities and longings with their other responsibilities, but know their creativity is the vehicle for their greatest contribution to the world.

So how can you honor your creativity, in a way that’s enriching and guilt-free?

My greatest gift is to show you how to transform your “can’t” mind games into thoughts that support you to be unapologetically YOU!

I’m passionate about what makes us excel and what blocks us. And I’ve spent all my adult life researching, developing, and using simple mindset tools that have healed my complex trauma and taught me how to excel in a way that’s fun, meaningful, and simple! And I’ve been helped enormously by the Ascended Master I channel  Lord Lanto. Who taught me that when we blend our skills and experience with our curiosity and inspiration, the universe works divinely!

And now I share these mindset tools with you. Because when you use your inspiration, motivation, and playful exploration for all your experiences, you set your creator free to help you do what you were born to do.

Making my greatest contribution means helping as many people as possible play to their strengths. That’s why I’ll be honest with you when I see your thoughts block you from your dream. And why I’ll give you all the support you need to choose and use something SMARTer.My SMART mindset tools for inspired creatives have helped clients on 4 continents transform their lives by learning that it’s not about fixing your thoughts. It’s about using the ones you have to support you to live life with all the fun, creativity, and explorer spirit that makes you uniquely YOU!

On a personal note, I was born in the UK but my home has always been Italy. I live in the mountains above my favorite city in the world - Venice! I love traveling and have worked or lived on 4 continents. I am passionate about the performing and visual arts, mountain biking, sailing, and mountaineering! I am a big kid at heart and adore the emotional intimacy and laughter I share with my loved ones, am enormously proud of my godchildren and think British humor and Italian aesthetics are the best in the world!

DATE: Sept 22, 2015

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: Suzanna Axisa

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