Animal communicator, Jackie Weaver shares the voice of the animal world and your beloved pets! Jackie is a former veterinary nurse and communicating with animals is Jackie's dream come true as to hear what an animal has to say brings joy and emotion not just to their owners but to Jackie as well.

As Jackie explains, "Communication with animals is achieved by tuning in to them telepathically using the psychic ability of my mind to join in on their wavelength. (Telepathy is how animals communicate with each other - they don't only talk when they bark, neigh or meow, etc). This can be done in their presence, or at a distance (which is how the majority of my work is done), by looking at a photo or being given their description. The animals then give me information in the forms of vision (like a video replay), sounds, and emotional and physical feelings, which I relay back to the owners. Animals are wonderful as they are non-judgemental, honest, very forgiving, loyal, and intuitive.

I do not make anything up or change things to suit, I treat this with the honesty that they, and you, deserve. I can pick up on their personality and will verify at the beginning of the communication that we are talking to your animal. They will tell me all different things: likes, dislikes, and experiences that you would know of and it turns into a wonderful experience. This is just as lovely for the animal to be able to talk to you, as you to hear what they have to say".


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