James Nussbaumer had a long, successful career, but in 2007 – faced with the pressures of an economy in freefall; the loss of one wife to cancer and two to divorce; the needs of his children and demands of an upscale lifestyle; and responsibilities to panicking clients – he illegally withdrew $100,000 of client’s funds to try to recoup the value of their investments and rescue his floundering business. The strategy failed and landed him a sentence of ten years.

His time in prison has been hell and has also been unexpectedly fruitful, resulting in his return to his first love, writing, and the series that begins with The Master of Everything. The manuscripts were painstakingly handwritten in lined notebooks (he has no computer available in prison) and the material just keeps on coming.

His in-depth study of the lessons contained in the book "A Course in Miracles", combined with frank descriptions of his prison life, guide the reader to a supreme freedom of their own, through the deepest levels of forgiveness and a profound experience of the Oneness of the "Christ-Mind".

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