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A short but powerful true story of loss, starting with a house fire that killed Lynne Cockrum-Murphy’s sisters and father and left her badly burned when she was just 30 months old and follows the life that grew out of that tragedy. Instead of giving in to a family history of dysfunction, she writes about dealing with loss, family alcoholism and chaos, and an eating disorder and shows that there is a way to move beyond the events of the past. Interwoven in the story are actions, steps, tools, and even a reading and movie list to help you move forward into a life filled with spirituality, meaning, and purpose. The story is a model of hope, action, and success.

Lynne Cockrum-Murphy is an intuitive consultant specializing in bringing guidance to those who seek assistance with their spiritual path, in addition to facilitating physical healing, emotional growth, and removing blocks to a life of joy, meaning, and purpose. She has a doctorate in Education, is a licensed substance abuse counselor, is an Access Bars® instructor, and is an advanced-level certified ThetaHealer® and course instructor. She continues to teach for Northern Arizona University and maintains a private practice in Phoenix Arizona where she lives.


DATE: Mar 07, 2016

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: Lynne Cockrum-Murphy

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