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France is one of the most visited countries in the world – and one of the least known. This book takes you beyond the superficial coverage of conventional guidebooks – history, architecture, etc. – in search of deeper truths. A Guide to Mystical France takes you deep under the psychic skin of France into the invisible dimensions that our materialistic world does its best to ignore. Science stops at the most interesting questions. To describe, say a painted prehistoric cave as a sacred space used for ritual is to beg more questions than it answers. It is impossible to fully appreciate the cathedral of Notre Dame, Mont St Michel, or the alignments of Carnac if you do not understand the reasons these structures were built and the way they have been used over the centuries. The book makes no assumptions. The reader is not required to believe anything. He is merely pointed in the direction of the invisible and the hidden and left to judge for himself. You get much more out of a visit if you look for what isn’t there as well as what is. Only by engaging with such enigmas in an open-minded, non-logical way can we begin to unravel them. This approach also makes sightseeing more satisfying and more meaningful. Covered here are a multitude of fascinating themes: the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela, Black Virgins, prehistoric cave paintings, labyrinths, ley lines, symbolism, sacred geometry, the tarot, etc. The backdrops for the drama include such legendary places as Chartres, Rennes-le-Chateau, churches carved out of the rock, and mountain sanctuaries. The cast list, meanwhile, includes Templars, Cathars, mystics, Gurdjieff, King Arthur, Nostradamus, and alchemists such as the enigmatic Fulcanelli (who is rumored to be immortal). The book works in three different ways: 1. One can read the chapters consecutively and follow a narrative thread that explains the secret history and invisible truth of France. 2. Features and boxes make it also a book to dip into and browse if one only has the appetite for short pieces of text. 3. The travel guide section at the end provides region-by-region suggestions of where to go to discover Mystical France by yourself.


DATE: Feb 06, 216

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: Nick Inman

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