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James Szubski discussed the vast range of paranormal phenomena in the Columbia River Gorge, including the Klickitat Ape Cat, Sasquatch, UFOs, portals, and small humanoids. He was a former volunteer Search & Rescue EMT, wildland firefighter, and mountain guide. He wondered if the unusual, post-apocalyptic geology of the Gorge—including the Younger Dryas floods of Washington state—had produced a special kind of electromagnetic radiation and might be the reason the region is such a hotspot for paranormal activity. His outdoor shop, which has started a paranormal reporting program, has received about 60 sightings of the Klickitat Ape Cat, a huge animal that resembles a black panther and has a variety of peculiar traits. According to some estimations, the animal weighs about 880 pounds, and it is claimed to have a sophisticated, monkey-like brain.


DATE: May 24, 2023

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: James Szubski

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