Oribel Joy Divine is an exceptional interspecies communicator. Because she intently listens to the voices of nature, she is able to clearly communicate powerful messages to benefit the planet and all creatures of Earth. All through this beautifully designed and spiritually inspired book, the voices of nature speak to humanity, imploring us to awaken and recognize that we are all one family, deeply connected on this planet. As Oribel listens to the trees, the flowers, the minerals, the whales, and the elephants, she relays their messages to humanity with crystal-clear precision and impeccable form.

The most potent message throughout this book is that humanity needs to evolve as a species to treat all other species as equals. This profound truth reaches into all areas of our lives, including but not limited to our choices of what we eat, how we trample or honor the earth, and using conscious thoughts in every moment to create more beauty and harmony on Earth. What she has achieved here is a primer to help humanity return to a state of balance in nature, where we belong.

The way in which Oribel Joy Divine interweaves all kingdoms helps us to understand the interconnectedness of all beings and all energies that work together in balance here on Earth. As Cecil, the lion so clearly expressed to Oribel, "All life forms matter. All life forms are precious. All life forms aspire to be free. All life forms desire to be treated with respect." Ultimately, our job as humans is to live consciously and with purpose, and this is the message Oribel so simply and eloquently relates to the other kingdoms of Earth.

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