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Permaculture design is a divine creative activity.

Permaculture is about designing sustainable human settlements. It is a philosophical, spiritual, and practical approach to land-use integrating microclimate, functional plants, animals, soils, water management, and human needs into intricately connected, highly productive systems. Permaculture looks for the patterns embedded in our natural world as inspirations for designing solutions to the many challenges we are presented with today. Observation is a basic component of Permaculture design in practice; this includes spiritual self-observation. The authors look at the components of EarthShare, Fairshare, and Peoplecare, with a specific emphasis on the spiritual aspects of Permaculture. The Findhorn Foundation Ecovillage and other ecovillages around the world are used as examples.


DATE: Feb 24, 2016

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: Jan Martin Bang 

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