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Kevin was joined by Derek Acorah and Sally Morgan as they share stories about contact with the dead and how the British audience reacts to mediumship.

Derek Acorah is best known for his work on Most Haunted, which was broadcast on Living tv, He currently presents the series Derek Acorah on Sky Real Lives. Derek continues to be a popular figure in live tours and television work and has achieved international success with his television, radio, and personal appearances across the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand, and the U.S.A.

Sally Morgan grew up in Fulham, West London her "psychic life" began before she could even walk! she heard voices when only nine months old, the first in a lifetime of psychic experiences. Sally saw her first spirit or ghost when she was just four years of age. Sally quickly realized that she was "different" from her family and friends but then spent most of her early life hiding away from her ability. It took many years before she understood how to take control of the mysteries of the spirit world and eventually become a professional medium. Since then Sally has published her second book 'Healing Spirits', which has since become a best-seller, and had another successful TV series titled Psychic Sally: On The Road on LIVING TV.


DATE: Jan 14, 2012

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUESTS: Derek Acorah and Sally Morgan

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