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John is a psychic medium. Anything can happen in a reading with him. Mainly he'll focus on your situation using remote viewing techniques, and psychic skills that allow him to 'see' areas of your life like relationships or work. If you are confused about someone or something, he'll track that situation in the past, present, and most probable future. Think psychic North American Indian tracker, following the trail of what seems hidden from you and you've got the idea. Like any good psychic he won't make your choices for you but will act like a mirror in which it's you who sees clearly what has to be done. Be ready for the mediumistic part of the reading, too, as recognizable fragments of memory and personality return to guide and make you feel better. He is one of the few professional intuitive who can claim to have had training with Major Paul H. Smith, a member of the original U.S.Military remote viewers. John has developed his own style of reading which he calls "tracking". Think North American Indian tracker, sent to hunt down something physically, and you've got the idea. If a client is confused about a person or situation, he'll follow the trail of events in the past, present, and most probable future. The winner of a psychic challenge set by Uri Geller in a national newspaper, John went on to train with many well-loved international personalities including Stuart Wilde and Dr. Kam Yuen who influenced John's way of healing, Dr.Yuen was for many years the martial arts teacher for Hollywoods elite.


DATE: Dec 20, 2011

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: John Healey

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