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Raising Intuitive Children helps parents understand an intuitive child's world and teaches them how to validate, not suppress, these intuitive abilities. The stakes are high; if intuitive children get dismissed, they can lose their way, their joy, and their spirit.

Psychotherapist Caron Goode teams up with parenting expert and coach Tara Paterson to share explanations, stories, and examples--many from Tara's own family--in this ground-breaking guide. It shows how to:

* Know if a child is intuitively gifted.

* Shift the parenting style to meet a child's style and strengths.

* Use breathing techniques to stay centered, calm, and optimistic.

* Create rituals so children can feel solid and bring forth their intuitive intelligence.

* Deal with environmental and nutrition elements that especially affect intuition.

* Explore strategies for bonding and communication at each stage of development.


DATE: Dec 12, 2015

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: Caron B. Goode

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