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Richard C. Hoagland introduced his New York Times best-selling book Dark Mission. It's a compendium of NASA's lies and deceptions, Hoagland declared. Here are some of NASA's deceptions that author Richard Hoagland claims have been told to the public: NASA presents itself as a civilian space agency. It's actually a military agency, that won't allow private enterprise space missions to leave orbit, said, Hoagland.

NASA views the solar system as a dead place. Then why would discoveries be classified? Asked Bara. Colored photos from Viking and Pathfinder were doctored to make the Martian sky look red. The first images of Mars actually looked like Arizona with blue skies, but NASA wants us to think that Earth is the only place for life, said Hoagland. A Martian rover pulled up a rock that appeared to contain a fossil. But it was subsequently ground up into dust rather than studied, Bara noted.

Hoagland also recounted that in 1963, JFK offered a deal with Khrushchev to team up for a joint Russian-American mission to the moon. And then, just days after Khrushchev reportedly agreed to the proposal, JFK was assassinated in Dallas. The Americans weren't going to the moon as part of a space race, but for the prize of discovering a long-dead civilization, Hoagland asserted.


DATE: Jan 14, 2012

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: Richard C. Hoagland

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