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Rita joins Kevin Moore to speak on Soul Centred Astrology which helps you to understand the tools or skill sets that you have been given in this life and to see if you are living your potential. This also helps you to understand the challenges and karmic patterns.

Through esoteric astrology, we can learn how to generate merit and we gain an understanding of how our soul functions. It then becomes possible to surrender to the powerful light of who we are and to dispel the illusions and glamour of what we are not.

Soul Centred astrology, which is also called Esoteric Astrology and comes from the AGELESS WISDOM of ancient texts, focuses on assisting people with the aim of understanding our own individual evolution. Through Soul Centred astrology we learn how to express the light of BEING, of our divinity, through the flowering of our highest potential.

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DATE: Jan 29, 2012

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: Rita Hraiz

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