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Jayce Lewis, an upcoming solo rock artist shares his music, career, and also his relationship with Dave Prowse, who has been a support to his music success. Jayce Lewis´s solo career erupted following his first ever single release - Icon. In December 2009 the BBC commissioned the first music documentary in over 30 years, Following Jayce´s launch to fame overseas. The documentary featured Jayce's daily life in and out of the business which included 2 live performances in India. and insight into his relationship with both his father and Mentor - David Prowse MBE who played Super villain - Darth Vader. With the debut album recording well underway plans were set to film a second music video, the track - Solitaire was selected concept of the video was heavily influenced by Jayce's fascination with Space, Planets, and the Universe, Like 'Icon' Jayce played all rolls of the musicians, getting across his multi-skilled musicianship.


DATE: Nov 26,2011

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: Jayce Lewis

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