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"There is a profound need today for people to understand how the religious traditions relate to one another, what they have in common, and how their remarkable differences are dwarfed by their even more remarkable common ground... The transformative path of divine love is the greatness of each of these traditions, and it is their entire purpose in the first place: to transform the human being into a living instrument of divine love and will." the Introduction

Combining decades of Eastern and Western contemplative practice with scientific research, William Keepin, Ph.D., offers a way forward for anyone who yearns for an inclusive spirituality that can encompass both deep intellectual inquiry and devotional abandon of the heart.

In-depth yet accessible, grounded yet uplifting, this journey across faith traditions illuminates commonalities in the scriptures, writings of key mystics, and core practices of Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism, and draws on the wisdom of other traditions as well. It will inspire seekers of all faiths interested in the path of love that bridges world religions, as well as believers who are eager to learn how their particular faith intersects with other religions at the deepest level.


DATE: Nov 07, 2016

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: William Keepin 

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