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Vicki Joy Anderson specializes in exploring the fringe and paranormal, with 40 years of experiencing terrifying sleep paralysis. After many years in corporate management, Vicki Joy stepped out in faith to become a full-time author and speaker in 2019—a calling she received when she was ten years old. She graduated from the University of Northwestern in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she majored in Bible and received a Bachelor of Science degree in English with a Writing Emphasis.

Vicki Joy writes for Real Dark and L.A. Marzulli’s Politics, Prophecy, and the Supernatural, as well as writing on apologetics, poetry, and fringe topics. Vicki Joy’s latest book, “They Only Come Out at Night: Exposing the Dark Weapon of Sleep Paralysis” is available now.


DATE: Jul 18, 2023

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: Vicki Joy Anderson

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