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This book is based on the dialogues I have with my late wife, Anne. The information is based on what she is currently experiencing in the energetic and incarnation process. It is identifying new and radical information on what we do in between our incarnations, the process of incarnation, and the planning prior to incarnation.

Completion is planned for July 2016.

Below is some of the early text.

I have to admit at this point that I appeared to be somewhat divorced from the demise process that Anne went through. It appeared, at least to me, that I needed to be as “normal” as possible when Anne was suffering from the effects of the brain tumor. I felt that Anne had realized that it was time to ascend beyond the physical but still had some resistance (a very human thing). If I was normal and optimistic about another reprieve, then so was Anne. If I was busy with everyday things whilst being with Anne, then all was well in Anne’s mind.

In the flesh Anne was a sensitive soul whilst also being an incarnate master – Anne was and is a saint in every sense of the word. Being Anne’s husband was a rare privilege and seeing the demise process, ultimately chosen as the exit route prior to incarnation, was so painful for me that ever since the initial diagnosis almost ten years prior, my emotions had shut down. In the hospital Anne knew very well that the administration of morphine and sedatives was not good news and made it known by quoting those immortal words “I am on my way out” – “I am not going to ascend” (this was on the 18th December 2012, ascension was supposed to be 21st December 2012). She went on to further say, “You had better have my rings!”. I retorted that of course, she was not on her way out, that she would ascend, but not in the way Anne thought, and that I would not take her rings – comforting proof for Anne of my expectations I thought.

In all of this, I was being swayed by the human side of me, whilst my “knowledge” of the greater reality was keeping me on track. During the World Satsanga I held on 22nd December 2012 at Anne’s bedside at the Hospice I conducted a metal concert, a meditation designed to create a synergetic response based upon multiple numbers of attendees, to give an energetic boost to help Anne move on ASAP. Anne’s response of being uncomfortable told me that even under sedation Anne was able to hear what was being said and could respond in a limited way. Anne, I felt, was not too happy at me wanting the demise process to end. I felt guilty beyond belief. Two days later Anne left her body of almost 56 years, and me stunned – feeling very alone.

DATE: Feb 18, 2016

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: Guy Needler

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