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“There are many changes coming, and you must be prepared. There is nothing that you need to fear. There is nothing you have ever had; there is nothing you will ever lose.”

So said the Eighty-Second Regime of Light Workers, a collective of four different personalities from the spirit world who communicated this book through Julie MacDonald and dictated to Yves Nazon. Revealing exciting truths about the nature of the soul, the Eighty-Second Regime of Light Workers presents an empowering way to view consciousness changes in this new era; and is a powerful wake-up call to our consumerist society. According to this group of beings, the information contained in this book is meant to meet each reader wherever they are in their own spiritual development, be they novice or experienced, and help to bring them to the next step of their own growth, unfoldment, evolution, and subsequently, to the next step of evolution for human consciousness itself.


DATE: Feb 13, 2016

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: Julie MacDonald

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