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William Shaffer is an Akashic reader and dream consultant. He is able to tune into your Higher Selves and provide past life readings. William has given past life readings to well over a thousand people.

“Akasha” is a Sanskrit word meaning “total sum”. So your “Akashic Record” is the energetic compilation of your complete past-life history – the “total sum” of all your incarnate experiences, feelings, thoughts, skills, gifts, fears, blockages, choices, and unresolved lessons. It is a judgment-free history that can be consulted to help you.

When William reads your Akashic Record, he channels your Higher Self to you, relating whatever relevant information will best guide you to clearly understand how and why you have created yourself as you are in this present incarnation. This information will include present and past-life lessons and blockages to be worked on, such as your family, work, relationships, and health.

However, an “Akashic Reading” does NOT predict your future, and it will NOT tell you what to do. Instead, it helps you to take conscious ownership and control of your life so that your choices are for your highest good, healing potential, and lovingness.


DATE: April 13, 2022

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: William Shaffer

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