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We can raise our consciousness to the highest levels by developing an overall worldview, and by embracing a world that transcends illusions. Doing this will overcome the final hurdle of inner consciousness — its first shock of separating and the split. This is the first duality of the whole of consciousness and manifests in our right/left hemisphere split. How do we transcend that highest of inner rifts? We do so by putting the wisdom of the right hemisphere, its connective consciousness, above the left brain’s lower separation consciousness. The former evolves from realizing, accessing, and opening our new spiritual chakras. The latter evolves from a purely mathematical, mechanical dominating worldview. We really need to make accessing our higher self our second consciousness, instead of the other way around. Then we can connect what is most separate and harness the mechanical Third Dimension reality for the benefit of our life and those around us. We grow and our consciousness expands as well as our spiritual gifts.

We are now immersed in challenging the root and core paradigm of modern science—that nature functions essentially mathematical. The world is at war on many levels. Chronic disease is on the rise. Violence pervades the Middle East. Animal agriculture is taking a devastating toll on ecosystems everywhere. Economic exploitation has become usual. Earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, and other symptoms of climate change are becoming common occurrences. Every twenty minutes another species of plant or animal becomes extinct. Every year, fifteen million children die of hunger. Proponents of genetically modified foods claim that they can solve this crisis while hiding data about the destructive effects of these elements on the human body, health, and environment. This has now become serious and dangerous, especially for our children. In order to know how to “heal consciousness,” we first need reliable means to know what it is to “heal” and to have “consciousness” or to become “conscious.” New energy arrived on December 21, 2012, allowing all humans to access the higher dimensions through the NEW spiritual chakras. We need to understand that new energies are available to everyone on this planet to raise our vibration levels, and hence, raise our consciousness. How can this be accomplished? All the details are here for you to begin the work.


DATE: Nov 01, 2015

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: Elizabeth Joyce

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