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Barrie Gellis is a former member of Jane Roberts’ ESP class in Elmira (one of the New York Boys) and was referred to as "our poet" by Seth in 1972. Having published more than eighty poems in various magazines, he has written 4000+ poems and is the author of the poetry book "Outside Is a Secret Key," available at or Amazon. It is a collection of 100 poems that relate to experiencing inner and outer life, including Seth concepts, as well as poems that Sue Watkins included in her book, “Conversations With Seth.”

Seth was a nonphysical personality who spoke thru the medium or channeler Jane Roberts—from 1963 to her death in 1984. Seth has dictated approximately 25 books thru Jane—and is recognized as ushering in the modern new-age movement—introducing the idea that “you create your own reality.” Seth's concepts empower each person to find their own answers and become accountable in a loving way for their own lives — while caring about the well-being of others.

Barrie has given presentations at various Seth conferences, including the most recent Global Online Seth Conference. Barrie’s presentation was called: “The Secret About The Secret.” The unique presentation includes what Barrie believes to be the FULL SECRET, including the love, compassion, and goodness inherent in all people. THIS involves our very purpose for choosing physical existence in the first place.


DATE: Mar 11, 2016

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: Barrie Gellis 

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