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What can an ex-crackhead teach us about waking up and transforming our lives? The answer will surprise, amuse and enlighten you.

Brett Moran's life changed forever when he was on a drug deal in the prison library and stumbled across a book on meditation. What came next was a decade of personal transformation.

This book contains the tried-and-tested concepts and techniques Brett used to change his life and has since used to help countless others do exactly the same. Brett will show you how to:

Separate from your negative thoughts by using meditation and mindfulness as a way of life.

Create one epic vision of your life to help you discover what you really want to achieve.

Learn how to unlock your negative patterns so you can shift beyond negative habits.

Ignite your energy so you can feel alive and learn how to activate your inner spark!


DATE: May 15, 2016

HOST: Kevin Moore

GUEST: Brett Moran

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