Watch Cedric the Entertainer and Roy Wood Jr. have a dad-joke battle

Tamron Hall pitted the comedians against each other in an impromptu battle of wits.

Tamron Hall

When two comedy heavyweights like Cedric the Entertainer and Roy Wood Jr. are on your show, you make sure to let them do what they do best. But Tamron Hall went one step further and pit the two comedians (and dads) against one another in a dad joke battle.

In Wednesday’s episode of Tamron Hall, the host brought the two comedians together for a mighty duel of dad-dom. “[Cedric] has three kids and he has a grandchild, you have Henry,” Hall said to Wood. “We can’t have two of the most talented comedians who are fathers in the building and not have a dad joke showdown!”

Cedric the Entertainer and Roy Wood Jr. have a dad-joke battle

Cedric the Entertainer and Tamron Hall

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Hall laid out the ground rules. “Be clean, keep it above the waist, keep it clean,” the host said.

Cedric began the battle with a scorcher. “What’s blue and not so heavy?” he asked, leaving a moment for contemplation. “Light blue,” he revealed, proud of his punchline’s coordination with the color of his outfit.

“You got seven-year-old Henry and all his friends are watching, you will embarrass your child [for] a lifetime if you lose,” Hall said to Wood.

Wood geared up for his retort. “Two hot dogs go for a jog. One falls behind. What the other hot dog say to him?” the comedian asked. “Ketchup,” Wood said after a brief pause.

Cedric landed one extra blow before the end of the match. “What do you call a Frenchman wearing sandals?” he asked. “Phillippe flop.”

Cedric and Wood both appeared in the 2020 comedy film The Opening Act with Jimmy O. Yang. Cedric recently wrote a novel called Flipping Boxcars inspired by his grandfather.

Watch a clip below.

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