Aubrey O’Day Reveals Diddy Sent NDA To Never “Disparage” Bad Boy In Shocking Revelation

Former Danity Kane member Aubrey O’Day recently made shocking claims about Diddy. O’Day revealed that the music mogul sent her a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), insisting she never speaks poorly of Bad Boy.

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Aubrey O’Day Reveals Surprising Details

On September 14, Aubrey O’Day dropped the bombshell during her appearance on the OnlyStans podcast. The former Danity Kane member explained what was present in the NDA that Diddy sent to her. This revelation comes amidst news of the hip-hop mogul returning publishing rights to Bad Boy artists.

O’Day stated:

“Any claims or wrongdoings or actions prior to the date of the release, I have to sign a NDA that I will never disparage Puff, Bad Boy, Janice Combs, or Justin Combs music or EMI or SONY in public.”

Aubrey O’Day received this demand a “few months ago,” coinciding with Diddy’s decision to return publishing rights to Bad Boy artists.

Bad For Business

Furthermore, O’Day highlighted the discrepancy between streaming royalties and the ownership of publishing rights. She stated:

“Artists, some of them, not all of them , are being given streaming royalties and ownership back over are publishing on songs we have wrote.”

Meaning, that while some artists are being granted ownership and streaming royalties for the songs they have written, achieving significant monetary returns can be a challenging feat. Streaming platforms pay artists approximately 0.01 cents per stream, meaning a song needs to be streamed a million times to generate substantial revenue.

Diddy Returns  Publishing Rights

The discussion surrounding Diddy’s actions towards his artists has garnered attention within the music industry.

The Love Album: Off The Grid artist’s recent gesture to return publishing rights to Bad Boy artists have been seen as a positive step in resolving previous legal disputes.

Additionally, former Bad Boy artist Mase also had a long-standing feud with Diddy regarding his publishing rights. However, in early September 2023, Cam’ron revealed that Mase had regained control over his publishing rights, finally resolving their years-long dispute.

Wiz Khalifa Sells Musical Catalog

While some hip-hop artists fight for their publishing rights, others take a different approach. Wiz Khalifa made headlines recently for selling his musical catalog to Harbourview Equity Partners in July 2023.

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