Starfield: Can you buy a Ryujin Apartment in Neon?

Ryujin Apartments is one of the many buildings on the street of Neon Core in Starfield. If you have tried to go inside the apartment building, you will have likely discovered there is only a single room that is “inaccessible” to you. If you’re like me, then you probably thought completing the Ryujin Industries faction quest line would result in owning this apartment in Starfield.

After all, it does make sense from a gameplay standpoint. Progressing the United Colonies quest line results in you becoming a UC citizen and being allowed to purchase an apartment in New Atlantis. So, logic would dictate that completing the Ryujin Industries quest line results in getting a company apartment.

Below, I will explain the story behind the Ryujin Apartments in Starfield and if you can own one for yourself.

Unfortunately, from everything I can tell, you are not able to own the “inaccessible” Ryujin apartment at any point in Starfield. I have fully completed the Ryujin quest line, which ends with you getting your own office, and the apartment in Neon is still inaccessible to me.

Can you buy a Ryujin Apartment
The inaccessible Ryujin apartment. | Screenshot via Upcomer

I have attempted to speak to Imogene Salzo about owning the apartment and she says nothing on the matter. There is no one in the Ryujin Apartments building that says anything substantial either.

It seems the only way you can own property in Neon is by purchasing a penthouse suite in the Trade Tower. You can purchase the penthouse for 235,000 credits after speaking to Boone, the bartender inside the Astral Lounge. While this is a hefty price, it’s the only bit of actual property you can purchase on Neon (aside from a sleepcrate in Ebbside).

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Perhaps the “inaccessible” apartment in the Ryujin building will become an attainable property in the future, but for now, it remains a mystery in Starfield.

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