Starfield: How to buy an apartment in Neon

Neon is one of the cooler locations in all of Starfield. The cyberpunk-inspired city is jam-packed with interesting characters, intriguing quests, and dozens of corporations that are looking to make a quick buck. As such, you might be interested in buying some property in Neon, especially if you didn’t opt for the United Colonies route and buy property in New Atlantis. However, when trying to purchase an apartment in Neon, you aren’t presented with many options.

While there are a couple of apartment buildings, namely Ryujin Apartments, you can’t purchase any kind of property in these locations. Instead, there are just two spots where you can buy a place of your own. Below, I will showcase both of those spots and how to buy them in Starfield.

Stanfield – Buying an apartment in Neon

The two properties that you can own in Neon are a sleepcrate in the Ebbside part of the city and a penthouse in the Trade Tower. I will explain how to buy either one of these properties below.

Buying a sleepcrate in Neon

The woman who owns the sleepcrates in Neon. | Screenshot via Upcomer

If you go to the Ebbside area of Neon, you can talk to the woman who owns the sleepcrates, Izna Sundararaman, and purchase one for yourself. These only cost 6,500 credits and are quite literally a crate with a bed, bathroom, and storage container.

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I only recommend purchasing a sleepcrate if you need a small space to put some items while you’re in Neon or if you want easy access to a bed. You need a bed to skip time in Starfield, so this isn’t a horrible option to have if you need to wait for a quest objective in Neon.

Purchase a luxury penthouse apartment

Your other option to own property in Neon is to purchase a penthouse on top of the Trade Tower. The Trade Tower is on the far side of the Neon Core street, opposite the Ryujin building.

Boone sells you the penthouse in the Trade Tower. | Screenshot via Upcomer

To purchase the penthouse, go up the stairs in the Trade Tower lobby to reach the Astral Lounge. Inside the lounge, go straight to the back of the room and speak to Boone behind the bar. Here, you will have the option to purchase the penthouse for a whopping 235,000 credits. If you choose to buy the penthouse, you will be given a key that allows you to use the elevator inside the Astral Lounge to go up to the “Sky Suite.”

The Sky Suite is a small room with a kitchen, bathroom, and living room, along with a separate balcony that overlooks the top of Neon. It will be completely bare when you arrive, but you can use the “Decorate” panel on the wall near the front door to add furniture, decorations, and crafting workbenches to the room. You can also pull up your scanner and press the “Decorate” option from there as well.

Buy an apartment in Neon in Starfield
The Sky Suite penthouse needs to be decorated. | Screenshot via Upcomer

In my opinion, the penthouse is not worth the 235,000 credits that you pay for it. The only way you might be able to use it effectively is if you make and smuggle Aurora using the Pharmaceutical Lab that you can craft and place in the apartment. However, it will take a while to recoup your 235,000 credit investment.

Regardless, though, those are the two properties you can buy in Neon in Starfield.

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